Keeping the Motivation


Something that isn’t talked about very often is how hard writing is. It’s not just getting the words on the page, it’s revising, and editing, and round after round of critique, and more revising and more editing. And then you have to go through the publishing process, which can be grueling if you go the traditional route, and is still pretty stressful and a ton of work when you publish it yourself.

In light of that, today’s post is going to be about keeping the motivation to go on and keep working even when things get rough.

I began writing because I had stories in my head that I wanted to share, and that’s still one of my biggest reasons for writing, so one of the things I do to keep myself motivated is a monthly writing challenge on a fan-fiction site. The fan-fiction issues aside, it’s a 100 word story challenge with a new theme each month. I use it to make sure that something gets written every single month no matter what. It also has the added bonus for getting response from readers.

Hearing back from readers about my writing, even on something super short, gives me a huge boost and makes me want to write even more. What do you do to help inspire you to keep writing and working even when things get tough?


6 thoughts on “Keeping the Motivation

  1. This is the main reason I blog. I love the community of other writers and bloggers that give me fantastic feedback, motivate and inspire me, and give me that boost of confidence I need to continue pushing through. Loving your blog and looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    • Having a community of other writers is amazing no matter what kind of writing it is. I’m so thankful for how many writers there are near me that I can network with, meet, and exchange work with.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog so far. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

  2. You’re right that not enough people talk about how hard writing, and moreover, the writing process from start to finish (especially publishing) is.

    I keep motivated by reading. Either I read something so splendid I want to create something that great, or I read something so bad I know I can do better. And then there’s nothing like little “light bulb” moments when a story idea pops into my head and I remember why I like writing so much.

  3. iggy23

    I just think about how, in the future, I want to overhear someone on the street talking about something I wrote. It can be a good or bad opinion – it doesn’t matter. What I like most is when people talk about my stories because they give me a sense of pride and probably works as an ego booster as well. Usually I’ll lull in this fantasy and attempt to motivate myself back to writing 🙂

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