Happy Friday the 13th


If you’re a friggatriskaidekaphobic or paraskevidekatriaphobic (depending on which origin of Friday and 13 you want to use to make your scientific words), you might want to skip this one and come back next week, but for the rest of you, Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

I’ve never really understood why Friday the 13th is supposed to be so frightening. This may have something to do with my considering 13 to be a lucky number and Friday to be the best weekday of the lot.

I went wandering on the great wide internet looking for interesting facts about Friday the 13th and found some interesting things. While it is often claimed that the superstition dates back to the 17th century, it’s not documented until the 19th. There isn’t even a lot of agreement on how old the traditions of Friday and the number 13 being unlucky are. There are dozens of apocryphal stories, and that’s just what’s mentioned on the links on the first page of Google results.

Rather than regal you with all the theories and stories, I’m going to tell you my philosophy on Friday the 13th.

I think of the day as a little like Halloween. When I was back in elementary school a high school girl explained to me that you wear black on Friday the 13th. Being the impressionable young girl that I was, I immediately took up this practice. To this day I always wear at least something black on Friday the 13th. If circumstances allow, I’ll even get a little bit dressed up, wearing something Goth styled or pieces of my vampire Halloween outfits (yes, I have more than one of those).

If I liked to watch scary movies, I might do that on Friday the 13th too, but since that’s a bad idea for me personally, I tend to watch or read something Halloween themed. A spooky story, or something with paranormal elements that takes place on Halloween. So basically I just see Friday the 13th as a way to have a mini Halloween just for me.

So this Friday the 13th, how about trying it my way, as a celebration. And if today doesn’t work for you, there’s always March and November this year too.


*Title Photo Is a Stock Image, Not my Work


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