Image Prompt #1


Today is an Image Prompt day.

I’ve always been exceptionally fond of prompts that start with a picture because that’s what started me on the path to become an author.

In sixth grade, my teacher put an image up on the overhead projector (does that reference reveal my age yet?). The picture was of a great big tree full of green leaves. Our assignment for the day was to write a story related to the picture. I wrote about triplets who stayed too long in their tree house (in that amazing tree) who had to be rescued by their parents when wolves surrounded their tree.

It was silly and juvenile and I’m too embarrassed by it to actually show it to you, but that was the first piece of fiction I remember writing. And that was the piece that made me realize that I loved telling stories, I wasn’t that bad at it, and I could get better. It’s what made me decide to be an author, so image prompts will always be close to my heart.

I’ve included two images to work from today. Pick one (or both if you’re feeling ambitious) and write something inspired by the image. You can use something in the image, the feeling it invokes, or whatever the image makes you think of.

If you write a piece and end up posting it somewhere online, please link back to it here on a comment so we can all enjoy it too.

I’ll be posting my own piece next week.

Image Prompt 001-1

Image Prompt 001-2


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