Dealing with Change


Change is something I’ve never been particularly fond of. I blame moving so often as a child. Change meant immense upheaval and I wanted nothing to do with it.

Not a good mindset really. Especially in the constantly changing and evolving world we live in. Technology is advancing every day and if you don’t change you get left behind in so many ways.

I’m trying to overcome this dislike of change. It’s hard. I’ve disliked change for as long as I can remember, but I’m trying to remind myself of all the good things about change.

A recent example of my stubborn streak about change is my Kindle. I have a Kindle Keyboard. I think it was version 2 or 3, but I’d had it for years. Technically I still do, but it’s more of a paper weight these days.

My Kindle Keyboard started to act up on a Wednesday. It rebooted itself while I was reading. Not the first time it’s happened, and it came back up fine and I was only a few pages back in my book. No big deal. Thursday night, it did it again, and completely lost my place in my book. By Friday I was lucky to get through an entire page before it was rebooting. I was so frustrated with it Friday night that my husband insisted on taking me to Best Buy on Saturday to check out the current models.

The only different between the models at the store was the backlight feature (whether it had one). I wasn’t thrilled with having to get a touch screen version and losing my nice real button keyboard, but I relented in light of my husband’s insistence that I would be miserable without a functional Kindle. He was probably right after all.

So now I have a Kindle Paperwhite with an adjustable backlight for reading in the dark. It took a few days to get used to tapping or sliding my finger on the screen to turn the page instead of hitting a button on the side of the device. I have, as predicted, done strange things with it when I hit the screen by accident.

Now that I’ve adjusted, this was a good change. Just like when I got my last new laptop (technically a netbook). Setting it up and getting it all perfect took tons of time. (I still haven’t finished loading all my non-amazon books on my Kindle and sorting them into the correct Collection yet and it’s been over a month now.) However, the change was good in both cases. Change is good. Without change we become stagnant. Without change characters are flat and uninteresting, without change stories wouldn’t happen.

So as much as I wish I didn’t have to admit it, change is a good thing. Go out there in the world and embrace it with open arms if you can. Or, if you’re like me, hang back and let the rest of the world embrace the change first. Then there will be plenty of people to tell you how to do things when you catch up.

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