Where I’m From: 2015 Edition


Here is the first edition of the “Where I’m From” prompt I’ll be doing annually. I look forward to sharing this with you every year and reading some of your attempts at the prompt that you can find here on last week’s post.


I am from spiral notebooks, from Super Gel pens and homemade jewelry.

I am from a box-filled, cluttered ,mess with a hidden black cat, no couches, and a half-butt kitchen.

I am from the heather filled moors, the clover and thistle of highland hills.

I am from lifelong learners and blue-collar workers, from Carol Anne and Hadyn and Cameron.

I am from the inability to be on time as a group and the meticulous organization of desks and computer files.

From share with your sister and don’t talk to strangers.

I am from wooden crosses, open fields, comforting ritual, and solitary practice.

I’m from Pennsylvania and Scotland, pretzels and “turkey” stew.

From the lecture tour five-great-grandfather Brown took back to Scotland as a Canadian MP, the evangelizing of a better life in Northern America and the drive to always keep learning after finishing each degree.

I am from the digital realms and shoeboxes in closets, from 8mm films and video cassette tapes.

I am from remembrances of places grandparents visited and we later learned.

I am from the little moments frozen in time with birthday candles, summer pools, and forever friends.

I am from memories, friends, mementos, family, music, and laughter.

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