Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all! And welcome to 2015.

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions, but I am looking forward to making 2015 and even better year than 2014, and last year was a pretty good year.

To start things off, instead of resolutions I’ll look back as what I accomplished in 2014.

I completed the rough drafts of 3 different books. I made it through the torture of formatting my own book for print publication (that is not nearly as easy as it sounds or I thought it would be). I made some important decisions in my life about work and living and where I wanted to be within a year. I read tons of new books and supported many indie authors. I managed to sort through enough of my overflowing amounts of belongings to donate three boxes and two trash bags full to charity. I made new friends and managed to keep up with a few of the old ones that moved away.

And that’s just the really big highlights. Like I said, it was a pretty good year.

So what am I planning for next year? In 2015, I have set myself a few goals, so I guess you could say I have some New Year’s Resolutions this year after all.

I will finish revising book two in the Swords and Shields series and get it published. Preferably rolling out Kindle and Print editions at the same time.

I will make a career move that allows me to be healthy, happy, and productive in all aspects of my life.

I will join the three existing MLs in the RDU region (who are amazing by the way) in supporting the local WriMos and making November a month to remember.

I will not fall off on my blog and not miss a Friday post.

I’m serious about that last one too. I am committed to this thing. While some of my goals are more ambitious than others, I am announcing now to the world that I will complete them. And you know what, I think I might be even more committed to doing them just so I won’t have to admit my defeat to the world at the end of the year.

Do you want some extra motivation to stick to your resolutions or goals for the year? Post a comment so we can all see what you have planned. Maybe it will give you the push you need to be successful.

And this is what I end up doing at the New Year's Eve Party...

And this is what I end up doing at the New Year’s Eve Party…


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