Let It Snow


No matter what holiday you celebrate in December (or even if you don’t celebrate one at all) I hope you’ve all had a wonderful month and are enjoying yourselves.

I grew up looking forward to having a white Christmas, green gifts in my stocking, a fuzzy red Santa hat, and ending the day with ribbons and bows festooning my hat, hair, and clothes.

I was pretty lucky as a kid. We lived where it almost always snowed for Christmas (even if it wasn’t still white snow on Christmas). My mother never once confused the colors and wrapped mine in red instead of my sisters. Green was my color. I always had my Santa hat on before opening my stocking, and by the end of the day was covered in ribbons and bows. Don’t ask how that started, I don’t remember, but I always had bows taped to my hair, ribbons draped over my ears and the bows, and sometimes a ribbon necklace.

Christmas 2011 Ribbons

I’m not a kid anymore, and I don’t get that white Christmas very often in North Carolina (sadly I don’t live in the mountains) but I still do okay.

I still get gifts from my mom wrapped up in green paper. She even still puts some in my stocking when I’m home for the holiday season. And to this day I still wear a fuzzy red Santa hat. It even has some ribbons that stay on from year to year and two bells now. And I always end every gift exchange with at least one bow on my head or ribbon around my neck.

So this holiday season, I hope you got to enjoy the little things that make you happy in the midst of all the hustle and bustle and family togetherness.

Maybe next year I’ll get that white Christmas again and hit all the items on my list.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Christmas 2010


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