Happy Halloween!


Greetings! And Happy Halloween!

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of the year. There may not be gifts, and I don’t get much in the way of free candy at my age, but it will always be my very favorite holiday.


Because on Halloween you can dress up as whatever you want to be, and act like that character, and no one will think less of you for it. It’s an entire day devoted to being someone or something else. A shy book worm can transform into a brash pirate or a sexy vampire, or maybe that mousy bookworm from their very favorite book.

Halloween is a holiday devoted to the imagination and fun. It’s a day of joy and laughter as much as screams and scares. I’m not one for scary stuff myself, but even with the occasional shriek of terror, I adore this holiday devoted to the imaginative use of clothes, makeup, and the occasional tutu.

There are other amazing things about Halloween besides the joy of dressing up.

The history of the holiday is fascinating in its own right. I’ve always been interested in, and mildly amused by, how much of the older religions have survived through Christianity’s coopting of their traditions. They took the fall harvest festivals and used them in conjunction with All Saints Day (Nov. 1) to give their new converts something familiar and comfortable to ground their new Christian traditions in. I think it was pretty smart of them really.

Halloween also happens to be the last day in October, which means at midnight NaNoWriMo begins. And if you’ve been following along for the past month, you’ve figured out how excited I get about NaNoWriMo each year. Going into year five I’m even more excited than previous years and can’t wait to get started.

So this year on Halloween I will don my realistic set of fangs, a “black onyx” choker, and some strategic black leather and bright red cotton to transform myself into that sexy vampire for the day with glee. And then at midnight, quite possibly still in my vampire outfit (and most definitely still wearing my fangs) I will embark on a journey of 50,000 words with as much, if not more, glee than when I assembled my costume that morning.

May you have a happy and fun filled Halloween and good luck to all my fellow WriMos out there.

Halloween 2


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